Case Studies – Employee Absconding Automation

Client Overview

  • Client is having a business in insurance sector, hence majorly of their employee staff are based on various geographical locations and that really a difficult task to maintain their actual attendance to be validated.
  • The company’s focus is to make all the processes automated., Hence need a solution  to reduce continues absenteeism for employees.

Business Requirement

  • Requirement is to trace continues absenteeism with automated process.
  • Where employee will get notified via SMS and email, if he/she did not mark attendance for continues 3 days, after first notification still employees remain absent then a reminder on 6th day will be sent again via SMS and email with warnings. On 7th day evening if the same situation persist, that employee will be marked as absconded in the system and his/her manager can only revoke absconding status after marking all attendances.
  • Client needs this customized process to be implemented.


  • A custom solution is designed and implemented.
  • A program is developed and scheduled to trace continues absent for the phases of 3 days, 6days, 7days and will sent notification via SMS and email for first notification, a reminder with warning and set absconding status respectively.
  • The same program will also check for the employees who all are having status absconded and if their managers has revoked their absconding status then employee will mark the employee status back to normal in employee master.

Solution Highlights

  • SMS and email notification enabling and disabling facility is also incorporated in the same program.
  • Analytics for the day will be sent to HR admin

Business Benefits

  • Absenteeism ratio is decreased after implementing such solution.
  • Huge time saving for HR department for attendance processing which gives clear approach for Payroll management.
  • Analytics are used to make quick decision for repetitive absconding cases.
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