Improve Performance using ABAP on HANA

This case study is to explain how to utilize HANA view to increase the performances of ABAP Report. A Custom report of Sales register which render 5,00,000 records with more than 100 columns takes 20 minutes. With help of HANA View, the time taken to render the records is decreased to 10 seconds. That is the power of HANA the latest and greatest database from SAP.


Custom report sales register (detail not summarize) which shows the every aspect of sales cycle from sales order, delivery to billing used more than 25 tables for example sales order header (VBAK) and item(VBAP), Delivery header(LIKP) and item(LIPS), shipping header(VTTK) and item(VTTP), Billing header(VBRK) and item(VBRP), condition record table(KONV) to include different type of taxes and discounts), Partner function(VBPA) tables, customer master ( KNA1) table, material master (MRA) table, vendor master(LFA1) table, plant master(T001W) table, accounting document Tables (BSEG) etc. To show the item wise record and manipulate the data in one line we have to use multiple read statements and loop statements (However we have used all standard performance optimization like parallel cursor, hashed table etc.) But the report execution time was not as per the user expectation and taking time 20 minutes.


  • We have used HANA Data Modeling, which offers the flexibility of viewing data differently at DB layer using SAP HANA studio. We can create the CDS view HANA view and procedure. After analyzing all three approaches we have decided to use HANA CDS view to have the required performance.
  • The challenge was to combine data from 25+ tables and make a single view and also have the calculated columns as per the business requirement.
  • We made an attribute view in which we join more than 25 tables, We have also used table alias, filter and calculated columns to get the required data, Then Finally used Calculation view to display get the desired data.
  • After the HANA view was providing the correct data we have used the HANA view in ABAP layer using Native SQL and displayed all the results of HANA view in an ALV report.


We have analyzed the performance of the program using T-code SE30 and observed that it’s taking very less time in the select queries and more time consuming was the processing of data at the application layer to display in the required format and calculation of some required column.`

We discussed and deliberated internally that if the processing of data can be pushed at the database layer the performance can be improved by a major fold.

Simplicity Powers Business Success

  • The Custom Program which used to take 20 min and required a coffee break to look at the output taking only 10 seconds.
  • This has increased the Users productivity and hence increase in ROI for clients.
  • If you want to increase the performance of your program and increase ROI reach out to us at,
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