Case Studies – Reverse Pricing Solution

Client Overview

  • Client is created out of passion to become a global healthcare company by offering World-Class quality pharmaceutical products and services for various critical illnesses and diseases
  • The company’s focus is on continuous value addition to its business model, to make it an unparalleled platform for their every stakeholder.
  • Client is having 6 business division

Business Requirement

  • Client is having a Billing based selling model for their Distributors, stockiest and Retailer.
  • Present Design was calculating all pricing component in a .net based tool and uploading in SAP Pricing using LSMW, which was to upload 200 records for a single price change for a material.
  • The requirement was to calculate all component of pricing based on MRP and  taxes and discount applicable.
  • There are total 9 different Pricing formula which were to be incorporated in Pricing component calculation
  • Special process like direct sales to patients and institutions, DPCO were also to be incorporated


  • SAP Standard Reverse Pricing calculation is implemented .
  • All eight different pricing schema is integrated to create single pricing procedure
  • Prices for different regions are controlled by specific condition records maintenance
  • Material pricing group field in Material Master is used to differentiate between Food & Medicine Products
  • New condition tables, Access sequence and condition types are created as per the business requirement
  • Condition exclusion is used to accommodate different scenario’s
  • New requirements created so that right condition records are accessed
  • Tax on Bill value, Tax on MRP based on regions are designed.

Solution Highlights

  • Complete Pricing procedure was created using standard SAP functionality with minimum development work
  • 9 pricing schema incorporated in one pricing procedure
  • Ease of Records Maintenance with LSMW
  • Single LSMW for all condition types record upload

Business Benefits

  • From 200 Records maintenance to 2 record maintenance.
  • Flexibility in changing the formula for a region
  • Increased efficiency
  • Smooth monthly Billing operations
  • Less Error Prone
  • No Manual intervention
  • Easy Saleable Returns
  • Easy Expiry Reruns
  • Easy VAT sale return
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